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Increase your Positive Energy

Positive Energy Increasing Page 

1. Filial to your parents 

Positive energy will come to you when you be filial to your parents first . This is the first rule of all. It’s useless to do good deeds but not filial to your parents . 百善孝为先 ( filial piety is the first of all 100 good deeds )


Son carrying his mother because she is too frail to sit in a wheelchair.

Source : https://m.imgur.com/t/uplifting/E0DeV




2. Be careful with what you said 

Negative energy will be attracted to you when your tongue or mouth said something negative or criticise another person or object . Refrain from saying everything without control. In Bible and Buddhism , its being jointly mentioned that he perverse mouth must be tamed. Conversely, the Energy Aura will be strengthened when you speak of positive things.



 Source :https://www.educationalplaycare.com/blog/using-positive-words-when-communicating-with-young-children/