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2019 - Numerology for the Year

2019: Numerology year 3

(2+0+1+9 = 12) In order to reduce the numerology number to single digits, do the following:  (12 or 1+2=3)

Numerology year 3 (2019) is a significant number in Numerology. Numerology year 3 is considered as a symbol of the trinity and a number that brings good luck. Year 3 in Numerology also inspires and encourages generosity, power and positivity. Numerology year 3 gives people the strength they need to express their ideas freely and to fight against abuses of power. Year 3 motivates all the life paths to rise to the challenges they face as well as to defeat the obstacles ahead of them. 2019 is essentially about grabbing hold of all the opportunities available to you and making the best of them.


Sacred amulet to help manifest aspiration and to grant protection.


This beautiful Golden Amulet features the Bodhisattva Green Tara. With strong faith to her, she will help us achieve our wishes and protect us from all obstacles, overcome fear and anxiety.

She also call “Mother of liberation”, is appealed to help in protecting against the Eight Great Dangers. Green is the colour of her main form and indicates her nature of active compassion, she is known for helping those in needs with lightning quickness. Green Tara was born as a princess called Teshe Dawa, When She became enlightened, she decided not to pass on to Nirvana, but to stay on the doorstep, so to speak, and help humanity through her rebirths. She made the following strong vow, “Until samsara is empty, I shall work for the benefit of all sentient beings in a woman’s body”. Reaches out her hand to grant all wishes and with her right foot outstretched, she is ready to step down and help all who call upon her.

Keep the Green Tara Keychain with you all the time to attract greater abundance and to overcome troubles, illnesses, and misfortunes and dissolve all kinds of problems